May is Invasive Species Action Month in BC

Take Action this May!

Japanese Knotweed

Take Action this May!

Spotted Knapweed

Take Action this May!

Yellow Flag Iris

Take Action this May!

Yellow Flag Iris removal

Take Action this May!

Yellow Hawkweed

Take Action this May!

About ISAM

May has officially been proclaimed Invasive Species Action Month by the Province of British Columbia. During Invasive Species Action Month (ISAM), special events and activities that are happening across our province will help all of us be more aware of invasive species so that we can take positive, prevention actions. 

What You Should Know

Invasive species are harmful. The introduction or spread of invasive species threatens BC’s environment, the economy and society, including human health.

Stopping invasive species is possible if we change our behaviours. Increased prevention, detection and improved management of invasive species can provide significant economic benefits to the province, businesses, industry, and citizens.

Government actions can help prevent the spread of invasive species in BC. Regulation and increased funding can make a difference to control and prevent the spread of invasive species.

Learn more about how to prevent and stop the spread of invasive species in your garden, your parks and forests, your lakes, rivers and oceans, your cities, towns and your province.

2020 Invasive Species Action Month Weekly Themes

Each week of Invasive Species Action Month, ISCBC will highlight areas where we can take action and help prevent the spread of some of the most harmful invasive plants and animals impacting our province. Join in special events happening near you, and learn about key messages and ways to help from photos, factsheets and other resources—all about invasive species! We look forward to your participation!

May 1 - 2 - we invite you to join the virtual Youth Summit

Week 1, May 3 - 9 - PlantWise & Grow Me Instead; focus on gardeners

Week 2, May 10 - 16 - PlayCleanGo; focus on recreating in the great outdoors; Buy Local Burn Local - focus on campers, hunters

Week 3, May 17 - 23 - Recreational boating; focus on water enthusiasts and Clean Drain Dry

Week 4, May 24 - 31 -  Don't Let it Loose; focus on pet owners and the pet & aquarium trade



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