BC Invasive Species Month

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May is Invasive Species Action Month in BC

Take Action this May!

Japanese Knotweed

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Spotted Knapweed

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Yellow Flag Iris

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Yellow Flag Iris removal

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Yellow Hawkweed

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East Kootenay Events

Radium: EKISC presents Re-wilding the Wild: A Habitat Restoration Experience - part of Wings Over the Rockies Festival

Date: May 9  
Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Location: Sinclair Park Creek, Radium; Directions: Meet at the Radium Hot Springs Visitor Centre, 75567 Main Street, Radium Hot Springs
Overview: Invasive plants have had devastating impacts on the native ecology of many natural areas and are one of the greatest threats to biodiversity in our world today. Join Alex from EKISC at Sinclair Creek and gain hands-on experience learning to identify invasive plants in the field as well as invasive plant control and disposal methods. Participants will have the opportunity to get hands on experience removing invasive species and planting native species in this habitat restoration workshop. Level: Intermediate.
Things to bring: dress for the weather, lunch and water bottle Optional: camera, personal gloves and/or shovel. Resources EKISC is providing: Weed Pull tools (gloves, trowels, garbage bags), weed identification books, native grass seed, native plants (from Tipi Mountain Nursery – species will be determined by restoration area), fertilizer and soil, flagging tape, posts and signage for restoration area. Please bring your own lunch, snacks & water.
Cost: $30 per person.

Kimberley - Dandelion Kitchen Workshop

Date: May 10
Time: 6;00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location: Kimberley (location details provided on registration)
Overview: The dinner menu which we will harvest and create together, so far consists of Dandelion Root Coffee Latte ~ Dandelion Fritters ~ Dandelion/Arugula Salad with Wild Weeds Dressing ~ Roasted Dandelion Root Ice Cream ~ Dandelion Petal Cake ~ We will all have the opportunity to share our knowledge of the edible and medicinal properties of Dandelion.
Cost: $25 per person. 
Registration: email Denise Holden at elemenstofself@gmail.com and visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1848131598846315/?ti=cl

Fairmont Hot Springs: Alien Invasion: The Impact of Invasive Species on Wildlife - part of Wings Over the Rockies Festival

Date: May 10
Time: 12;00 pm - 1:30 pm
Location: Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, Pine Room
Overview: Some species that appear in new environments fail to survive; but more often than not, they thrive and become invasive. In most cases, native species are unprepared to defend themselves against these invaders. This process, together with habitat destruction, has been a major cause of species extinction. In the past many of these losses have gone unrecorded; however, there is an increasing realization of the ecological costs of biological invasion in terms of irretrievable loss of native biodiversity. Join Alex from EKISC as she explores the impact of this invasive species in the East Kootenay Region and what you can do to avoid being part of the problem.
Cost: $30.00 (includes lunch)

Kimberley: Meadowbrook Community Association Community Day

Date: May 14
Time: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm 
Location: Cherry Creek Park, Meadowbrook
Overview: East Kootenay Invasive Species Council will be attending the Fifth anniversary event and barbecue at Cherry Creek Falls Park Meadowbrook with their invasive species info booth.

Cranbrook: Invasive Plant Control by Goats

Date: May 29 
Location: Parkland Middle School - Cranbrook
Overview: Goats eating invasive species around Parkland Middle School. Goats guided by Cailey Chase.

For more information on any East Kootenay events, contact Alex Ibbotson at alex@ekisc.com or phone: 250.427.6436.