BC Invasive Species Month

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Take Action this May!

May is Invasive Species Action Month in BC

Take Action this May!

Japanese Knotweed

Take Action this May!

Spotted Knapweed

Take Action this May!

Yellow Flag Iris

Take Action this May!

Yellow Flag Iris removal

Take Action this May!

Yellow Hawkweed

Take Action this May!


Check out these resources for each weekly theme during May, and learn about top priority invasive plants and animals each day with the Invader of the Day. Resources below include factsheets with key facts and messages, youth activities, teacher resources, and more!

WEEK 1 - Don’t Let It Loose! Be a responsible pet owner

  • Don't Let it Loose Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • Youth Activity - Aquarium Poster (PDF)
  • Don't Let it Loose Rack Card (PDF)
  • Learn more about Don't Let it Loose


WEEK 2 - Invasive Plants: Horticulture and Agriculture

  • Agriculture/Horticulture Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • Youth Activity - Native / Invasive Plants for K-4 (PDF
  • Be PlantWise - Grow Me Instead Booklet (PDF)



WEEK 3 - Outdoor Recreation: Burn it where you Buy it; Play Clean Go  

There are many things you can do to help prevent the spread of invasive species—Take Action and Get Involved! PlayCleanGo is a program that calls BC citizens to be informed, attentive and accountable for stopping the spread of terrestrial invasive species while enjoying the outdoors. Here are some great resources about invasive species and being mindful of our actions in the outdoors:  

Here are some easy action steps you can take as a camper, trail user, fieldworker and homeowner:






WEEK 4 - Aquatic Invasive Species: 'Clean Drain Dry,' mussel and aquatic plant identification:

Boats and other watercraft are a major method of invasive species entering the province's lakes, streams and wetlands. Please 'clean, drain, dry' all boats and equipment to help reduce the spread of invasive plants and animals to BC waters, such as Eurasian watermilfoil and zebra mussels.

Learn more:

  • Aquatic Invasive Species Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • Aquatics Rack Card (PDF)
  • Youth Activity: Musical Mussels (Grade 2-5) (PDF)
  • Aquatic Invaders: Activity Package for Teachers & Youth Leaders (PDF)
  • Learn more about Clean, Drain Dry


Attention Teachers and Youth Leaders! Enjoy these resources: 

  • NEW! Find the Mussels Activity Sheet (download the PDF)
  • NEW! Mussels Maze Activity Sheet (download the PDF)
  • NEW! Aquatic Invasives Colouring Sheet 1 (download the PDF)
  • NEW! Aquatic Invasives Colouring Sheet 2 (download the PDF)
  • NEW! Aquatic Native & Invasive Word Search (download the PDF)
  • Aquatic Invaders: Activity Package for Teachers & Youth Leaders (PDF)
  • Invasive Species Education Activities: Primary (PDF)
  • Invasive Species Education Activities: Elementary (PDF)
  • Invasive Species Education Activities: Intermediate (PDF)
  • Invasive Species Education Activities: Secondary (PDF)

Find additional education resources, youth activities and publications from ISCBC.

Additional Resources:

  • Prevention of Invasive Species TIPS Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • Media Toolkit that has been developed to help groups get the word out, including templates for press releases and media alerts

Other Publications on Invasive Species

The following publications are provided by the Inter-Ministry Invasive Species Working Group (IMISWG), created in 2004 to employ science-based, innovative strategies to protect the health and diversity of BC ecosystems and minimize the negative impacts of invasive species:

1) BC Aquatic Invasive Species Survey Methods (PDF)
2) Invasive Species Strategic Plan (PDF)
3) Invasive Species Early Detection and Rapid Response Plan for BC (PDF)
4) Invasive Zebra and Quagga Mussel Early Detection and Rapid Response Plan for BC (PDF)