BC Invasive Species Month

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May is Invasive Species Action Month in BC

Take Action this May!

Japanese Knotweed

Take Action this May!

Spotted Knapweed

Take Action this May!

Yellow Flag Iris

Take Action this May!

Yellow Flag Iris removal

Take Action this May!

Yellow Hawkweed

Take Action this May!

Take Action

What can we do about Invasive Species?

Take positive action against invasive species—participate in an event near you and tell us what you are doing! Post your photos on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #bcinvasives.

You Can Help:

1. Know the invasives. Learn all about native and invasive plants and animals, and how to tell them apart. Learn about the invasive species in your community and tell others. Check your property.

2. Garden wisely — BE PLANTWISE 
Landscape with non-invasive ornamentals and native plants, and do not introduce invasive species into your garden or pond. 

3. Join the effort. Volunteer to help remove invasive species from public lands and natural areas. There are many organizations you can join that are fighting invasive species. Click here to find groups in your community.

4. Clean your boat and fishing equipment — CLEAN DRAIN DRY 
Check your boat for invasive species carefully, clean it well, and drain all water from the boat and any equipment before leaving an area - especially when crossing to a new watershed. 

5. Clean your camping and recreational gear — PLAY CLEAN GO 
Invasive species love to hitch-hike, so please be responsible in the outdoors by ensuring you have clean camping equipment for each new destination. Carefully clean your camping equipment, ATV and bike tires, clothing, hiking boots, and fishing waders of seeds, and plant pieces. Burn firewood where it is cut. Even check your RV for any unwanted stowaways. 

6. Report invasive species:

  • Contact your local invasive plant/species committee
  • Phone ISCBC toll-free: 1-888-933-3722
  • Report ALL potential sightings of invasive mussels to the B.C. Conservation Officer Service (RAPP): 1-877-952-7277

7. Be kind to native species. Make your yard a better place for indigenous species and less attractive to invasives such as gray squirrels, house sparrows or rats. Put up bird boxes for native species or bee homes for the native mason bee.

8. Care for pets— DON'T LET IT LOOSE!
Be a responsible pet owner and never release pets into the wild—your goldfish may have a disease and rabbits released into a park can reproduce very quickly. Contact rescue organizations to take unwanted pets and find them new homes.

Thank you for being pro-active and taking actions that help to prevent invasive species in our communities!

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